Indoctrination U. The Left's War Against Academic Freedom

$ 16.43

Summary: Higher Indoctrination From the author of The Professors: the 100 Most Dangerous Academics in America, a chilling look at the ways in which indoctrination has replaced education in our nation's college classroom.

David Horowitz, author of the Academic Bill of Rights, has established himself as an outspoken advocate for restoring intellectual diversity to American higher education. Now, In his disturbing new book he shows how serious the problem is. Horowitz unveils the intellectual corruption of our universities by faculty activists who have turned their classrooms into platforms for radical political causes. He shows how tenured radicals with little regard for professional standards or the pluralistic foundations of American society have created an ideological curriculum that subverts the purposes of a democratic education. As one early reader of this work commented, "Indoctrination U. is so alarming that parents of college students who read it may well start a class action suit to get their money back."

"A valuable contribution from one of America's foremost defenders of free speech and free thought." ~Robert L. Pollock, Wall Street Journal Editorial Board "

Everyone who cares about a genuinely liberal education- regardless of political perspective- will be grateful for David Horowitz's tireless, relentless, and above all, well considered efforts to rescue it from the intellectual trivialization and monotony of radical politics. Nobody else has done so much or been so effective." ~ John Ellis, Professor Emeritus at the University of California at Santa Cruz and President of the California Association of Scholars

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