Obama’s War on the Young

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Summary: In "Obama's War on the Young," John Perazzo documents how badly young people aged 18-29, the President's most enthusiastic demographic in his two elections, have been hurt by the agendas and philosophy of the Obama administration.

Perazzo shows that this presidency's massive expansion of the national debt lays a crushing burden on young people who will be responsible for paying it. Obama's dead economy has already brought about youth-unemployment levels exceeding anything we have witnessed in more than half a century. The crushing costs and substandard medicine associated with Obamacare will diminish young people's quality of life for generations to come.

In higher education--the place where young people live--Obama has placed the federal government in charge of the student-loan industry, thereby causing both tuition costs and student debt levels to rise dramatically despite proposed "reforms." And finally, on the international stage, Obama's policies of appeasement and retreat have allowed the Islamic jihad to go on the offensive, which means that young people will be fighting wars of survival tomorrow that could have been won at much lower cost today.

Young people have been mugged by Obama's policies. They may have that they were bringing about "hope" and "change" when helping elect him, but under his governance they have received a mortgage on their future they'll spend a lifetime paying off.

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