Oriana Fallaci: Europe's Cassandra

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 Summary: Robert Spencer, the editor of the Center's Jihad Watch Program and Fallaci's personal friend in her last years, has written this pamphlet on the legacy of this great defender of the West and its values. The late Oriana Fallaci became a leading international journalist in the 1970's and 1980's with her interviews of figures such as Yasser Arafat and Indira Ghandi. She was always irreverent in the face of authoritarianism and once even angrily ripped off the chador she was required to wear to see the Ayatollah Khoumeni in the middle of their interview. But after 9/11, her Leftist allies turned on her one after another when she directed her anger toward radical Islam in a prophetic trilogy of books written just before her death. In them, Fallaci gave a final warning cry as to how Western societies were committing suicide by not taking up arms against the jihadis seeking to destroy them.

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