SJP: Neo-Nazis On Campus

$ 1.00

In "Neo-Nazis on Campus," author Sara Dogan describes how the anti-Israel terror group Hamas has funded a generation of college activists who falsely portray the Jews as “colonial-settler” occupiers of a fictional state called “Palestine” and maliciously describe Israel—the only liberal democracy in the Middle East—as an “apartheid state,” leading to an outpouring of neo-Nazi hate and open calls for another Holocaust. The pamphlet profiles ten of the most ardent Neo-Nazis who are conducting the campus war against Israel, revealing the statements they have made on social media--calling for the death of the Jews, praising Hitler, and poking fun at the Holocaust. By revealing the true motivations underlying these students' anti-Israel activism, "Neo-Nazis on Campus" exposes the façade of “social justice” that cloaks the genocidal campus movement to destroy Israel and annihilate the Jews.

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