Students for Justice in Palestine: A Hate Group

$ 1.00

“Students for Justice in Palestine is a well-organized and well-financed festering hate group with chapters in the country’s most elite colleges. Its bigotry operates with the consent of administrators and faculty.  Its speakers promote the murder of Jews and the denial of the Holocaust while their appearances are funded with student fees.Its chapters have been sanctioned and condemned for their bigoted activities, but no university has been willing to clearly and consistently denounce this hate group’s presence on campus.”

So begins Daniel Greenfield’s expose of the campus group, operating under the cover of  “diversity,” that spreads Jew hatred  throughout American higher education.    Students for Justice in Palestine: A Hate Group is a startling look at a group that spreads the ideas of Hamas and Hezbollah at universities across the country and has made anti Semitism, masquerading as anti-Israelism, an enduring feature of campus life. 

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