The Progressive Threat

$ 1.00

In his new pamphlet, “The Progressive Threat,” David Horowitz examines the “criminal mentality” of the left which leads it to promote revolution and genocide in the deluded belief that “the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice.” Driven by utopian fantasies, progressives believe that change can only be achieved by the complete and total rejection of our entire system of laws and institutions, no matter what the cost in human lives and suffering.

Horowitz traces this “outlaw” mindset of the left through history, from the Stalinist revolutionaries who slaughtered 100 million to achieve a Marxist utopia to the present-day doctrine of Critical Race Theory which casts the United States Constitution as a “white supremacist” doctrine that must be overthrown.

“The Progressive Threat” is an essential guide to understanding the true motivations and strategy driving the Left’s assault on our nation’s laws and Constitution.

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