Radical Son

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Summary: David Horowitz`s memoir of the `60s, Radical Son, tells many truths we do not wish to believe. It is a searing book, an unflinching book and deeply honest. A reader may not come to Horowitz's conclusions about politics present. But about politics past he is undeniable.' Martin Peretz, Editor-in-Chief, The New Republic

'Horowitz is a superb writer. James Atlas was not wrong when he characterized Radical Son as a work of literature, for that is precisely what one feels in the shape and ring of its paragraphs. Horowitz`s painful narrative is more honest and to my mind, more important than other memoirs of those times. Ultimately, Radical Son is about uneasy reconciliation with a radical father as well as with oneself. In this case, however, it comes wrapped in the folds of an extraordinary memoir.'

Sanford Pinsker, Partisan Review



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