The Collected Writings of Sarah Rose Horowitz

$ 20.00

Summary: A remarkable woman and gifted writer, Sarah Horowitz was afflicted with a birth condition that, while complicating and ultimately shortening her life, never affected her dreams or her commitment to her art. Throughout her life she displayed inspiring courage in facing her own difficulties and boundless compassion for others less fortunate. This book of her Collected Writings, contains the only novel she was able to finish in her short life, a brilliant set of short stories, her complete poems, and commentaries on the Old Testament. It also features her account of the Abayudayah, an African tribe that converted to Judaism, whose underserved children she volunteered to teach. Sarah Horowitz's writings are rich in observations of the people she encountered and resonate with the themes of compassion and social justice to which she dedicated her life. Collected Writings includes an interview she gave shortly before her death and a eulogy by her father, the writer David Horowitz, which provides a biographical portrait of her life.

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