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Special $1.00 Bundle: Progressive Race Baiting

Special $1.00 Bundle: Progressive Race Baiting

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For the unbelievable price of just $1.00 (plus shipping & handling), you can purchase this bundle of one book & two pamphlets, which will not only provide you with a better understanding of the battle underpinning America’s survival—but it will also help the Freedom Center continue our incredibly important mission.

Yes, you read that right: For just $1.00 (plus shipping & handling), you can purchase a bundle of three of our most important books & pamphlets—which explain where America is headed, and how we can fight to take our nation back.

This unprecedented bundle includes the following books & pamphlets:

The Left's War On Whiteness By John Perazzo

In recent decades, the Left has gained a nearly monopolistic control of the key institutions that shape the American people’s worldview: the mass media, the entertainment industry, the schools, and many of the mainline churches. Consequently, these institutions have been turned into conduits through which leftist perspectives are transmitted to a highly receptive public.

One of these perspectives is the notion that white people are both the cause and the embodiment of virtually every societal ill afflicting our country. Until “whiteness” can be either quarantined or destroyed outright, says the Left, “people of color” will continue to fare less well in school, earn less money, and be incarcerated at higher rates than their white counterparts. All inequalities in these various realms are attributed, by the Left, to injustices orchestrated by white people. By relentlessly banging the drum of “white privilege,” the Left has effectively portrayed race relations as little more than a constant battle between white oppressors and black victims. In this pamphlet, John Perazzo unveils the colossal deception and ignorance that underlies this worldview.

How Progressives Use Race As A Weapon Against Our Country By David Horowitz

This riveting pamphlet by David Horowitz unveils the Left’s use of race to delegitimize America and to erode our national legacy of tolerance and pluralism. 

Uncivil Wars: The Controversy Over Reparations For Slavery By David Horowitz

An intellectual journey into the guilt and redemption of America's history, and a personal journey into the havens of intolerance inside our centers of higher learning that threatens their integrity and vitality.