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Special $1.00 Bundle: Culture Wars

Special $1.00 Bundle: Culture Wars

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For the unbelievable price of just $1.00 (plus shipping & handling), you can purchase this bundle of three pamphlets, which will not only provide you with a better understanding of the battle underpinning America’s survival—but it will also help the Freedom Center continue our incredibly important mission.

Yes, you read that right: For just $1.00 (plus shipping & handling), you can purchase a bundle of three of our most important pamphlets—which explain where America is headed, and how we can fight to take our nation back.

This bundle includes the following pamphlets:

Crisis In The Arts: Why The Left Owns The Culture And How Conservatives Can Begin To Take It Back By Andrew Klavan

This pamphlet is authored by the best-selling author Andrew Klavan. In this pamphlet, Klavan shows that it is not enough for conservatives to bemoan the hostile takeover of the culture. Conservatives can win the culture war only by putting an army of culture warriors in the field, people who understand that enduring art is not about propaganda but about human striving and the struggle between good and evil. Crisis in the Arts is a battle plan for fighting the culture war by a conservative who has been behind enemy lines with several New York Times best sellers.

Stealing The West’s Cultural Heritage By Robert Spencer 

It has become fashionable of late among the leftist elites to accuse the West of pilfering its treasures — both physical resources and intellectual innovations — from native and minority cultures. The clear moral lesson, we are to understand, is that there is nothing particularly noteworthy or exceptional about Western culture and by extension about America. Instead, we should feel deep shame that our ancestors expropriated the physical and intellectual capital of the peoples we conquered.

In this timely and illuminating pamphlet, Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer addresses this lie head-on. “Stealing the West’s Cultural Heritage” is an urgent and essential read for both students of history and those who wish to understand how the academic left is adopting a false and dishonest narrative to undermine Western heritage.

The 20 Dumbest Hollywood Hatemongers: Celebrities Unhinged By Mark Tapson & David Horowitz

This pamphlet highlights, as quoted in the introduction, “the moral bankruptcy of Hollywood elites. For all the glamorous parading on red carpets, and their self-righteous posturing about social justice, Tinseltown is teeming with permanently damaged children and spoiled brats.”

And, as stated, “given the media power of these celebrity elitists, an antidote exists in reprising the vile opinions of the 20 worst of these hate-mongers, and including them in one foul list.” Indeed, the list could have been much longer!