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Special $1.00 Bundle: Educational Indoctrination

Special $1.00 Bundle: Educational Indoctrination

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For the unbelievable price of just $1.00 (plus shipping & handling), you can purchase this bundle of three pamphlets, which will not only provide you with a better understanding of the battle underpinning America’s survival—but it will also help the Freedom Center continue our incredibly important mission.

Yes, you read that right: For just $1.00 (plus shipping & handling), you can purchase a bundle of three of our most important pamphlets—which explain where America is headed, and how we can fight to take our nation back.

This unprecedented bundle includes the following pamphlets:

Readin’, Writin’, And Jihadin’: The Islamization Of American Public Schools By Robert Spencer

“The commitment to ‘multiculturalism’ that has now taken over K-12 education in America has been a godsend for Muslims anxious to use schools and textbooks to proselytize for Islam.” So begins this pamphlet by the prolific Robert Spencer, Director of the Freedom Center’s Jihad Watch website.

This sixty-page work is a quick read but a startling and crucial warning about the degree to which Islamic proselytization has already taken hold in our educational system and is accelerating.

Shame Of The Schools By John Perazzo 

Shame Of The Schools profiles ten of our largest inner city school systems and shows that what they all have in common, in addition to being dominated politically by Democrats, is a record of fiscal profligacy, bureaucratic bloat, and academic catastrophe.  

After surveying what can only be called “an educational holocaust,” John Perazzo concludes that the only hope for the kids in our inner cities is an educational Marshall Plan in the form of robust vouchers equivalent to the money spent annually on the public schools that currently imprison them.

Why History Matters By Bruce S. Thornton

“The teaching of history is continuing to be transformed into indoctrination by illiberal, leftist propaganda,” writes historian Bruce Thornton in his pamphlet Why History Matters. The result, he notes, is that “the abandonment of belief in objective historical truth makes possible a politicized history that legitimizes tyrannical power.” George Orwell dramatized this in his novel 1984, a fictional scenario that, Thornton warns, “has traveled a long way to becoming fact” in America today.