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ORDER NOW: "America Betrayed" By David Horowitz
Special 50% Off Bundle: New Releases

Special 50% Off Bundle: New Releases

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For an unbelievable 50% discount (plus shipping & handling), you can purchase this bundle of the David Horowitz Freedom Center's four newest releases.

Yes, you read that correctly: For 50% off (plus shipping & handling), you can purchase a bundle of our four newest books & pamphlets—which explain where America is headed, and how we can fight to take our nation back.

Please note that this bundle includes two books, one pamphlet, and one digital pamphlet. Included are the following: 

The Radical Mind: The Destructive Plans Of The Woke Left By David Horowitz (Physical Copy)

The Radical Mind is both a stark warning and call to arms to protect the country from decline, ruin, and disgrace. It identifies the crisis facing the nation as a crisis of faith — faith in the Constitution that has shaped our destiny, faith in individual freedom and accountability, faith in the principle of equality before the law. At stake? Nothing less than the American way of life and the liberty and freedoms all Americans enjoy.

In his latest broadside against the radical left, New York Times bestselling author David Horowitz pulls back the curtain of secrecy and lies and exposes the dangerous methods and agendas of a woke left mob, and identifies what a decent society needs to do to keep the country from slipping away.

Empire Of God: How The Byzantines Saved Civilization By Robert Spencer (Physical Copy) 

Without the Byzantine Empire, there never would have been Western civilization. Western civilization is generally regarded as the child of Athens, Jerusalem, and Rome. That is, in the West, our philosophical and political thought is derived from that of the ancient Greeks; our Christian religion comes from the Jewish religion, and both of these came to us via the Roman Empire and the civilization and culture it created.

Western society has other forefathers as well: we would be unwise to give the Byzantine Empire short shrift. The ways in which it has influenced our world for the good, and indeed, created the parameters of our society at its healthiest and strongest, are insufficiently appreciated today. In its confusion, uncertainty, and lack of direction, the West has lost its way. There is a great deal it can, and should, learn from Byzantium.

Election Jihad: Islamist Political Machines Are Transforming States And Threatening America And Israel By Daniel Greenfield (Physical Copy)

Election Jihad: Islamist Political Machines Are Transforming States And Threatening America And Israel is a special report authored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center's Executive Vice President of Programs & Shillman Fellow, Daniel Greenfield.  The report illustrates how an "Election Jihad" is underway in America, as an Islamist political machine coordinates with left-wing organizations and funders to transform the country, state-by-state. The report exposes the enemy’s campaign within our system, and explains what we can do to defeat it.

As Omar Ahmad, the co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), stated: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.”

Jihad Vs. Civilization: The Truth About The Hamas War On Israel By Daniel Greenfield (Digital Copy)

Jihad vs. Civilization: The Truth About the Hamas War on Israel contains the best of the Freedom Center’s coverage of the Israel-Hamas War and its repercussions, both abroad and at home.

Edited by Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow and the Freedom Center’s Vice President of Programs, this pamphlet features recent articles from the Freedom Center’s leading writers and scholars—including David Horowitz, Robert Spencer, Bruce Bawer, and many more.